If you want to Beat the Bookies in the 21st Century you need to be Programmed to Win

In the good old days your battle was with an odds compiler and his opinion but to win today you need data, processing, software and robust systems!

Introducing Kieran O' Hagan

Kieran was a computer programmer long before we all had a PC on our desk and like a lot of successful punters he started out by losing a big chunk of money on the selections of a poor tipster.

The big loss, as is often the case, was the catalyst for ultimately finding a way to profit.

Today, with all his bookmaker accounts lost, Kieran has a portfolio of systems that are profitable at Betfair SP with minimal drawdowns.

If you would like to benefit from years of data crunching and programming you can join Kieran and his Winning Systems service  

What's the Angle That is Beating Betfair SP?

These days a system to beat the market has to be somewhat sophisticated, you can't win with just a simple system that you run against the days race-card.

And that is the case with Kieran's Winning Systems.

There are three main elements to the systems that make up the Winning Systems portfolio.

PRB - Percentage of Rivals Beaten - Kieran records this data for every horse in multiple ways (race code, course, course characteristics, going etc) and this is also recorded for jockeys and trainers.

Jockey & Trainer PRB - Recent form is calculated with a 2 week PRB for jockeys and trainers. 

Custom Ratings - Every horse is rated based on performance in similar races. Proform speed ratings also informs this rating.

"Having calculated the PRB values and a Race Rating, I then Rank each horse and import some of the values created back into the Proform User Ratings. Using the Proform System Builder and Ratings, together with my PRB and Race Ratings, I have written a number of simple systems and the data indicates that they should provide a decent monthly average in terms of point’s profit, with a relatively low draw down."

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Profit at Betfair SP

Sad to Say, But the Bookie's Don't Play Fair!

In the old days betting and bookmaking was a gentlemanly sport.

Bookmakers would stand a proper bet and were happy to do battle with savvy punters.

But today it's all accountants and computer tracking and if you've had any success on the horses in recent years you will have restricted accounts where billy bookmaker offers you just a few pennies on any bet you want to take.

The answer is Betfair and Kieran's methods are proven profitable at Betfair SP, which means anyone and everyone can profit from Winning Systems 

Strike Rate and Profit

The current Winning Systems portfolio consists of four systems.

Like all systems they do have losing runs and as I type this there are two losing runs on the chart, but these systems are designed to have a low drawdown and allow a relatively small bank of 50 points.

The strike rate of this portfolio is over 30% and the profit is averaging over 30 points per month at Betfair SP.

The chart to the left automatically updates and shows the profit to £25 stakes!

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Take a Founders Place at Winning Systems and Lock in the Best Price Forever

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