Kieran O'Hagan is Winning the Betfair SP Game and he Wants to Share his Winning Selections With You

In the good old days your battle was with an odds compiler (and his opinion) a battle you could win by specialising where your opponent had to price every race.

But to win today you need data, processing, software and accurate ratings!

Retired Programmer Kieran O'Hagan Has Spent Years Building Powerful Profit Pulling Winner Finding Tools & He Wants to Share His Profitable Selections With You

Profit at Betfair SP

Sad to Say, But the Bookie's Don't Play Fair!

8 Years Ago Kieran O'Hagan had this game Cracked.

He was making steady profits and all set to jack in his IT contracting job and go full time.

Then the bookies started closing his accounts and 18 restricted accounts later he had to have a re-think.

He had to win at Betfair SP!

Fast forward to today and Kieran has a portfolio of systems that are proven to win at Betfair SP and he wants to spread the risk and share his selections with 50 fellow punters.

If you want to benefit from his years of hard work, late nights, data crunching and programming you can join Kieran and his Winning Systems service  

Proofed Profits 

The profit charts on this page only show results for selections shared before racing with On Course Profits Members and Winning Systems Founders Members. There is no back fitting these are all live bets, bet by fellow Punters

My Number One goal was early retirement

And that's what I've achieved thanks to the extra income my horse racing selections produce.

Retirement didn't come as soon as I hoped and there have been many false dawns along the way.

When I lost all my bookmaker accounts in the space of one year that was a major setback, but eventually I overcame that and bets at Betfair SP are what provides my profit.

I'm not a big staker, I would prefer to spread the risk with smaller bets and more selections.

I've agreed to share my selections in a daily email to a maximum of 50 fellow punters.

If you would like to join me and use my selections to supplement your income as I have then you can sign up below.  

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Take a Place at Winning Systems and Lock in Today's Price Forever

Frequently Asked Questions

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When are the tips sent?

Tips will be emailed before 10:30 each morning.

Will this work at Betfair Exchange?

Yes, this is a service that will be profitable for people who have no bookmaker accounts.

Will this work at any bookmakers?

We don't record results using bookmakers but we would expect that any one with the best odds guaranteed facility still active on their bookmaker accounts will make more profit.


Why should I pay for tips?

Kieran has put in thousands of hours of work to create the ratings and systems that make up these profits, the monthly subscription cost is tiny compared to the work you would have to put in to achieve the same results. It is wise to piggy back on somebody else's hard work.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, go to and enter the email address you used when signing up and you will be sent a log in link where you can manage your subscription.

The manage your subscription link is at the foot of this page, in your invoice email and in every members emails we send as is our helpdesk link.

My tips haven't arrived, what can I do?

We have a member area where you can pick up the selections if your email doesn't arrive.

If you don't have your password you can use the lost password link.

If you are still having trouble contact our helpdesk for a same day reply (Monday to Friday) 

The members login link and a helpdesk link are at the foot of this page.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, go to and enter the email address you used when signing up and you will be sent a log in link where you can manage your subscription.

What type of tips will I receive?

You will receive tips for UK horse racing, we calculate the official results at Betfair SP, so you can place your bets and leave them to run.


I've followed other tipsters who have failed, why should I trust this service?

All the results you see on this page have been achieved in live betting by real punters. The past is no guarantee of the future but we see no reason why the excellent results should not continue.


If you are making so much money why are you selling your tips?

We are small stakes bettors who make modest long term profits. Selling the selections to other small stakes bettors has no impact on our results and allows us to pay back to those that have helped us get to where we are today. It also helps with the cost of software and data services.

Are the odds hard to achieve?

We record all profits at Betfair SP so all members achieve the same profit.